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About Us?

When it comes to international real estate and citizenship by investment programs, most individuals are cautious when choosing the companies they plan to conduct business with. This is mainly a result of the large investments they are willing to make, thus their confidence in the competence of their chosen companies is crucial. Novitag is one of the Leading International real estate and citizenship by investment companies in the world. Its strength is derived from its connections, correspondents, and partnerships with reputable companies and government-approved agents worldwide.

The Novitag team secures a thorough examination of its candidates’ applications and provides necessary expertise to serve its clients in both Novitag’s real estate and citizenship by investment programs.
Our team is reliable, responsive, and up-to-date with vast experience in international business operations. We can guide you to the programs that best suit your individual needs and demands.

What We Do?

Novitag offers services in finding the right citizenship by investment program that best suits your needs as per cost, usage, and value in addition to real estate services in major global locations around the world including London, NY, LA, Melbourne, Dubai and Cyprus, as well as horses farms in Australia.


We provide our clients with a wide range of services including:

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