The use of this service is conditioned on the client’s acceptance of and compliance with these terms. These terms apply to all clients and others who request our service.


a. The subject of the following “Terms & Conditions” consists in providing services for the Real Estate Sector which are intended to promote and advertise properties.

b. These “Terms & Conditions” apply to any provision of supplied services by NOVITAG* to the Client.


a. Fees are payable to NOVITAG.

b. NOVITAG’s fees are 2% of the unit’s price designated by the owner.

c. NOVITAG reserves the right to increase the fees in the event that the client requests a variation to the service agreed.

d. In all cases, the client and NOVITAG may agree on fixed fees.


a. Fees payable to NOVITAG, are due directly after the client pays the first down payment to the owner of the unit.

b. The client has a period of 30 days to pay the fees to NOVITAG, starting from the date of the above mentioned first down payment.

c. If the client fails to pay the fees by the required time, NOVITAG may require the client to pay:

(i) Fixed Indemnity, at a rate of / €100.00 / (One Hundred Euros) for each day of delay, until all due monies are paid.

(ii) Any expense (including legal fees) incurred by NOVITAG in recovering the outstanding fees from you.

d. If any amount of fees is disputed, then the client shall inform NOVITAG of the grounds of such dispute within 7 days from the date the fees are due.


a. NOVITAG guarantees that it will use its best endeavors to deliver the service requested by the Client.

b. NOVITAG guarantees that all the information is provided by the owner of the units or property.

c. NOVITAG will not be liable or responsible for any change or difference or mistakes in the supplied the information about the units or property.


* NOVITAG operates a Compliance Handling Procedure in accordance to the RICS Regulations.